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This repeats the information also posted in other forums:

Dear Teachers:
All teachers are advised that they should attend school on MONDAY, 7th October, to begin to write the final exams.  Please see the website for further information.  Transportation will be as usual.
There will be an all-school meeting (required of teachers) on Tuesday, 8th October,  at KHARTOUM SCHOOL.  This has now been confirmed by DDQA for 930 AM.
1.  Teachers may combine their exam prep  with their APP patch, as the clerk or admin. is available.
2.  Exams should reflect work covered and work EXPECTED to be completed by the end of the term.
  Teachers should observe the calendar:
***Exams should be ready for processing and photocopying as soon as possible.*** 
Term 1 resumes on 22 October and ends on November 14. 

This means that the week of 10th-14 November (putative) must be given to exams, though some examinations may have to be give the previous week..  
This leaves ONLY October 22-26 and 27-31 and November 3-7 as normal instruction days in the term.    
Please remember that in addition to filing a copy of your exam with your AM, your exam should also be sent to for filing.   This is required of teachers in all subjects in all schools. 
Many thanks,
Director of Quality Assurance for QAU


R. Joseph Hoffmann, PhD (Oxford)
Asst. General Manager and Provost
Cambridge International Schools and College
Arkaweet, Nakheel Street
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